Wednesday, August 20, 2014


After a long absence from my machine due to: 

Jam making


Lovin' up on nieces.

Supervising the Monster.

and Michigan visiting.....

I am back home.  
Almost rested.  
Nearly caught up on housework.

And I quilted the new quilt for my bed.  
A queen sized.  
It took me three hours.  
For real. 
I was very surprised and happy.  
Now I need to get the binding fabric and finish this monster quilt.  
And sleep under it.  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Distraction

I am not quite done with this quick quilt.  I have a border to add.  I've set it aside because we are busy getting prepared for a last minute road trip.  We will only be gone for a week so I will finish it up when we return.  
I really love this quilt though.  
I used a 3.5" square pack and a 2.5" rolie polie.  I had white in my stash and I used the leftovers from the rolie polie for the scrappy border.  The border fabric is blue and I think I will bind it in red.  I am definitely going to be looking forward to coming home and finishing this quilt.
I love a good distraction every once in a while..... it's good for my quilting mojo.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Queen Honeysweet

Last night the queen honeysweet quilt was basted.  It is huge.  Took up the whole dang kitchen floor.......

I need to get some tan thread, which is a valid reason for setting it aside for a minute.  During that minute I excitedly started making my Star Spangled quilt.  I think I just need something quick and easy before I spend weeks of my life quilting this beast.  

I'll share the peppy distraction quilt soon.  

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Things I Sewed

I meant to write this post earlier this week, but I had chores to do.  Dang laundry and cooking and cleaning.

 Before the Symposium I did a bit of sewing.  I gave printing out iron on transfers a whirl and I made Sewing Symposium tote bags.  

Inside the tote, the attendees found a zippy pouch I had made in mass production.  Please notice the .25" handle!  I made that! I don't normally do stuff like that because it wakes up the gremlin in my head, but I did... I made 6 of them! I made a 7th pouch but I used a ribbon for the handle instead.  
Inside the pouches I put candy, a Moda candy pack, band-aids, and gum.... you know quilting essentials. 

Left to right- Summer House, Potluck, April Showers, Wishes, Posh Pumpkins

Once we got to shopping and I had picked up so many candy packs, I worked on table runners.  I think I got two done during the symposium then finished the other three earlier in the week.  The runner on the left was made with a candy pack that was in my swag bag from the Sewing Summit(back in 2011!)  I'm glad I finally used it! 

In the goodies box Lisa gave out she had a charm pack and a candy pack   My candy pack happened to be Posy!  I decided to make a patchwork pouch with it.  I love it so bad... especially since I had the perfect colored zipper..eeeeeee 
Then on our second to last shopping stop Amber saw me pick up and put back a Comma candy pack five times, so she bought it and gave it to me in the car!  I just made this zipper pouch last night during a 'virtual sewing night' (which is just a fb event page that we flood with progress photos and chatter since we can't sew in real life).  I went with an orange peel quilting and I LOVE it, and I had the perfect grey zipper.  
(good thing my friend Miranda gave me such an awesome supply of zippers eh?!)

I love that I have these pouches made from gifts from my friends.  I'm sure when I use the pouches I'll think of them and the symposium.

While I made dinner one evening Miranda taught the zipper pouch tutorial, and once the pasta was in the oven I whipped up an adorable pouch myself.  

 Last weekend I did manage to sew a ton of mini things but I also got all of the blocks sewn and pressed for my Queen Honeysweet quilt.  Last night I laid out 7 of the 13 rows and got half of the quilt top assembled.  I am really loving this quilt and I'll take photos when the top is completed.  

 I have so many fun things going on right now in my sewing room.  Best of all the monster and I just wrapped up our 'summer school' and have a full three weeks off before we start first grade.  I can really work now!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What I bought

During the fabulous Sewing Symposium we did hit up FIVE quilt shops.  Sometimes I showed great restraint.... other times, not so much.

At The Bakery in Belle Fourche she had mini charm packs on SALE, so I kinda HAD to get some.  I picked up four to make table runners- which is my favorite mini charm pack project.  I bought the backings for three of the table runners.  I also picked up a Ducks in a Row charm pack.

On Saturday we went to three shops.  The first, Fabric City, was a great shop for me because I had my full punch card to shop with.  I bought 8 rainbow fat quarters.  Our group recently did a rainbow swap but I'm pretty sure a need a bit more for the quilt pattern I'm planning to do.   I also grabbed one April Showers fat quarter for the binding on the table runner I'm planning. 
my swoon fabrics- the floral will be in each block. 
At Quilt Connection I bought the fabric for my swoon quilt, which is the quilt along our group is going to start in September.  I also picked up the red fabric for the backing of the Potluck table runner.  
At our last Rapid shop, Quilt-iques, I bought two Christmas fat quarters for some ornaments I'm planning to make. 

At our last shop, Hill City Mercantile, I kept it reined in and just picked up these three fat quarters.  I think I'll make some zippy pouches with them.  

So you can see I made out pretty well.  I already have three of the four table runners done, but I'll share more about that later.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Sewing Weekend With Friends

Things around here are getting back to normal after a three day sewing weekend with some really great friends.  

Last Friday I went to the airport to pick up my friend Lisa, who I hadn't seen in real life since we graduated high school, but stay connected with on the facebook quilting group that I talk about all of the time.  

We met Amber and Kristen at my house later in the day and we headed to one of my favorite quilt shops.  Miranda met us there with her little guys.  

We did some serious shopping (I'll share my loot later).  Nothing breaks the ice of meeting online connections in real life quite like spending LOTS of money.

We again went back to my house where there was an exchange of sweet goodies and fun things!  Then we had dinner and settled in for several hours of sewing.

Saturday we hit up three local quilt shops in Rapid City.

 Then again went home for HOURS of sewing.   

Miranda taught a zipper pouch tutorial while I got dinner ready.  I did manage to make a few pouches too.  It was a new thing for Kristen and Lisa and everyone had lots of fun.

On Sunday we went to Hill City to hit up the fabric store there.  On the way there Miranda awarded buttons to everyone.... It was very fun.

 After the shopping we went to lunch and did a little wine tasting.  It was a very fun afternoon.
We sewed awhile on Sunday afternoon, but after supper most of the ladies needed to return to children.  Lisa and I continued to sew late that night though, and we both got a lot done.  

It was a great weekend.  I am so lucky to know so many great ladies that share a love for my hobby.  Even though most of the group didn't make it to South Dakota there was lots of photo sharing and encouraging commenting going on online.  It was amazing, and I hope the next sewing symposium will be just as wonderful.  

ALSO-  The hubs was amazing!  While we were out each day he vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms, along with doing my morning watering, he even managed to keep himself and the monster out of the house while we were home sewing.  I'm the luckiest girl on earth! Truly.     

Saturday, July 26, 2014