Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Touchdown Lions

 The Hubs doesn't check my blog very often.... maybe nearly never.  Just in-case I wanted to wait to share this finished quilt until after Christmas.  We are going out of town so we opened some larger gifts early this year, including this quilt.  Now that it is gifted.... here it is.

Despite a slow start this quilt was easy to make, and almost fun as well.   
I must admit though.....
During especially bad seasons ( 2008) I have begged my husband not to wear Lions shirts in public.  He gets mocked.  Often.  It was embarrassing to be married to a loyal fan of such a terrible team.  I guess I am more of a fair-weather fan....but I'm not really a fan of anything besides men's Olympic swimming.  Anyhow..... I guess I appreciate his dedication and his unfailing support.  And now that the Lions don't suck as much, it's easier...... except for the back and forth juvenile shenanigans that go on between the hubs and our Bears fan of a neighbor across the street.

Making this quilt is a tribute to my husband's dedication and unfickleness (which is also helpful in marriage).

After finishing this quilt I was so relieved!  I went to my cabinet of wips and precuts intending to grab a charm pack and play around..... but I saw the bin of leftover pieces from this quilt.  Upon further investigation I realized I had TONs leftover and could probably make more footballs.  I ended up making 9 more footballs with the leftovers with only a couple of pieces needing to be cut from my plentiful fabric leftovers.  So right now I actually have a smaller version of this quilt in my machine being quilted.  I'm hoping to get it finished before Friday which will be the day spent packing our sleigh up for our trip east to the mitten.  If I get the small "two point conversion"(hardee-har-har-har  I'm hilarious right?) finished it will be my thirty-ninth for the year, and the absolute last of 2014.   I finished my Swoon (#thirty-eight) the other day and took photos but our motherboard died on our PC and blogging from a tablet isn't too fun.  When I get to my mom's this weekend I will share, and do an end of year quilt wrap up.  I LOVE thinking about it!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Leaving the Year WIP Free

Besides my scrappy string quilt this was the only project in my cabinet.  

Ran to get backing and binding early yesterday.(They had just opened)
Pieced the backing and basted it before lunch( The Hubs is the BEST basting partner)
Took 6 bobbins of quilting.(that is a lot for straight stitching)
Watched 7 episodes of Gilmore Girls.(I wanna be a gilmore girl)
Went through 2 fun sized bags of M&M and 4 Cinnamon Fire Jolly Ranchers.
(but made a healthy dinner)
It is now quilted.  
Binding is attached.(Booya!) 
Need to get a blue thread to close it.(Running to HoLo today after karate)
 Positive I will be getting this quilt FINISHED very soon! (will share good photos asap)

over and out

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Quilty Fun Christmas

 Last night I finished stitching the binding on this fun little quilt.

I hung it up immediately.  

Weeks ago Lori Holt started this quilt along, and I am so happy that I carved out time to sew along.  I really needed that.  I was having so much trouble finding time to sew with the new school year and the chaos of trips to Michigan.  

 The only thing that bugs me is that this star doesn't show up in photos of the whole quilt.  It's not fair.  

I picked up a snowman backing at HoLo then found out the tag was a snowman!  How perfect.  I love this sweet quilt.

Other Christmas sewing has been completed lately.  A couple of runners, a quilt or two, and this adorable pouch.

Now that I have wrapped up the Christmas tasks, I am working on a mini Lions quilt for the monster using the leftovers from the hubs' quilt.  It's not a surprise to the kiddo, but I have to work on it while my husband is at work or out of the house so I don't ruin the surprise of his quilt. 

 I've also set my sights on finishing up my Swoon quilt.  Hopefully I can get it done before the new year.  I managed to get the top fully assembled this afternoon, and will head to the fabric store tomorrow to find a backing and binding.  It would be so nice to get that wrapped up.  I finished a ton of 2013 WIPS this year and it would be great to start with a clean slate. 

**fingers crossed** 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Decking the Halls.... and My Bed

Years ago I started collecting green, red, and tan fabrics to one day make a Christmas quilt for my bed.  I went round and around trying to decide on the 'perfect' pattern... and so the quilt had ever happened.

This year however, I decided to just cut it up and get it on the bed.  I cut my fat quarters in 9" squares... sewed them together and waalaaa!  

Now I have a quilt.  It is SO simple, but it's beautiful and warm and festive. 

None of the prints are specifically 'Christmasy' 

I had a poinsettia print for the backing in my stash for the past uhhhhh,,,,,, five years.  Booya! 

It makes me incredibly happy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I have a very sweet, nearly four year old niece back in Michigan who happens to be in love with Frozen.  When her birthday quilt planning began I knew I should hunt for something frozen for the quilt.  When I was looking there was only this flannel print.  I bought all that remained on the bolt and planned the quilt to fit the backing just right.  It's a good size for a four year old.  
I went with pink prints on the front checkerboard with a periwinkle blue solid.  I think it's pretty.  Simple, but pretty.

And now as the gift giving season is upon us I see LOADS of regular cotton prints for Frozen at Hancock and HoLo.  
Oh well. 

Speaking of frozen, my little part of the world has been pretty chilly for the past several weeks so I have been quilting a lot.  Thankfully we are supposed to be thawed out for a little while!  

Also I should tell you that I am one of the very few people on the planet that has not seen Frozen.  And I'm planning to hold out as long as possible.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Projects

I've had a really great flow of progress lately! 
I have this secret gift ready to quilt when the hubs is not around.

I finished a little Frozen quilt for my niece's birthday in a couple of weeks.  I just need to get it packaged.  I'll share a little more about that soon. 
The IG quilt along I'm following has been so much fun.  We just started sewing blocks together and I am seriously excited to see how this will come together.   

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Weekend of Sewing

I enjoyed a lot of progress this weekend.  A Christmas quilt for my bed has been started.  I've has the fabric for this for a couple of years.  It seems possible that I might have this project done in time for the holiday season.

Today I whipped together the next block in the Quilty Christmas project.

Now I have four blocks done.  I love this project!
Now I have turned the sewing table back to homeschool mode.  I'm happy to have found this balance.... finally!!