Sunday, August 24, 2014

Honeysweet Queen

I finished up the binding of this quilt earlier today.

 I immediately went to put this puppy on my bed!

I love this pattern.  It used pretty much an entire fat quarter bundle.  I free motioned quilted obviously, a simple stipple, and I am pleased with it.

I really love the red large scale print on the backing.  

I am very happy to have this quilt DONE.

Also I want to say that this generous queen sized quilt came together in a snap.  The patchwork took a very short amount of time, and quilting was very fast.  Much easier and more enjoyable than the last quilt I made for my bed a few years ago.  So this time I won't swear off making large quilts like this so dramatically.  Actually I think I might make a seasonal quilt for my bed very soon.  I've always wanted a Christmas quilt for my bed!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

#31 Star Spangled

I managed to finish this quilt yesterday.  Quilted it in the afternoon and added the binding after dinner.

It feels pretty great to get it done before Labor Day, which means I finished it before the end of summer.   Even though this is technically a Fourth of July quilt, I used the sale that Fat Quarter Shop had on the 4th to score the border and backing fabrics.  If I hadn't, this quilt probably wouldn't have been finished until next summer Thanksgiving.     

This quilt is my thirty-first finish for the year.  With several months left in the year I'm getting pretty nervous.  If I hit forty I fear the hubs will want to have a sit down.  
Number thirty-two is on the sofa, half of the binding hand sewn.... it's only a matter of days. 

Luckily I have been busy getting ready to start our new homeschool year.  I'm sure I will have a slowdown as we are trying to get into a routine and balance extracurricular activities.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sneaking Up On Me

Last night at sewing with Kristen I realized I was starting to slip back into old habits.  I was startled.(yet somewhat comforted that Kristen's project list is way more scattered than mine. Sorry Kris.)

Because I banged out the quilting on my Honeysweet queen so fast I was lacking the binding fabric.... I thought I had time.

So this morning way earlier than I'm usually up and out of the house I went to buy the binding. 
That's project #1

 I had been putting off basting the Star Spangled distraction quilt.  I mean sometimes I just don't feel like mopping.

So this morning after I returned from the fabric store I mopped the dang kitchen and basted.
That's project #2

And last night since I hadn't a quilt to quilt, or a binding to attach I started cutting my Swoon.

Technically I was just getting 'a head start', BUT...
That's project #3

Also secretly I have been working on a special quilt.

Since it's such a secret my time to work on it is very limited.  And with such limited time I decided I should start on it immediately to be sure I meet the deadline.  Good intentions but...
That's project #4

I really do think things are under control but I hate the feeling that I could end up with a dozen WIPs again.   Now that the Honeysweet just needs hand sewing, and the quilting and binding should be fast on the Star Spangled I should feel a little more balanced between the swoon and the secret quilts. 

I won't have more than 4 projects at one time......... 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


After a long absence from my machine due to: 

Jam making


Lovin' up on nieces.

Supervising the Monster.

and Michigan visiting.....

I am back home.  
Almost rested.  
Nearly caught up on housework.

And I quilted the new quilt for my bed.  
A queen sized.  
It took me three hours.  
For real. 
I was very surprised and happy.  
Now I need to get the binding fabric and finish this monster quilt.  
And sleep under it.  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Distraction

I am not quite done with this quick quilt.  I have a border to add.  I've set it aside because we are busy getting prepared for a last minute road trip.  We will only be gone for a week so I will finish it up when we return.  
I really love this quilt though.  
I used a 3.5" square pack and a 2.5" rolie polie.  I had white in my stash and I used the leftovers from the rolie polie for the scrappy border.  The border fabric is blue and I think I will bind it in red.  I am definitely going to be looking forward to coming home and finishing this quilt.
I love a good distraction every once in a while..... it's good for my quilting mojo.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Queen Honeysweet

Last night the queen honeysweet quilt was basted.  It is huge.  Took up the whole dang kitchen floor.......

I need to get some tan thread, which is a valid reason for setting it aside for a minute.  During that minute I excitedly started making my Star Spangled quilt.  I think I just need something quick and easy before I spend weeks of my life quilting this beast.  

I'll share the peppy distraction quilt soon.  

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Things I Sewed

I meant to write this post earlier this week, but I had chores to do.  Dang laundry and cooking and cleaning.

 Before the Symposium I did a bit of sewing.  I gave printing out iron on transfers a whirl and I made Sewing Symposium tote bags.  

Inside the tote, the attendees found a zippy pouch I had made in mass production.  Please notice the .25" handle!  I made that! I don't normally do stuff like that because it wakes up the gremlin in my head, but I did... I made 6 of them! I made a 7th pouch but I used a ribbon for the handle instead.  
Inside the pouches I put candy, a Moda candy pack, band-aids, and gum.... you know quilting essentials. 

Left to right- Summer House, Potluck, April Showers, Wishes, Posh Pumpkins

Once we got to shopping and I had picked up so many candy packs, I worked on table runners.  I think I got two done during the symposium then finished the other three earlier in the week.  The runner on the left was made with a candy pack that was in my swag bag from the Sewing Summit(back in 2011!)  I'm glad I finally used it! 

In the goodies box Lisa gave out she had a charm pack and a candy pack   My candy pack happened to be Posy!  I decided to make a patchwork pouch with it.  I love it so bad... especially since I had the perfect colored zipper..eeeeeee 
Then on our second to last shopping stop Amber saw me pick up and put back a Comma candy pack five times, so she bought it and gave it to me in the car!  I just made this zipper pouch last night during a 'virtual sewing night' (which is just a fb event page that we flood with progress photos and chatter since we can't sew in real life).  I went with an orange peel quilting and I LOVE it, and I had the perfect grey zipper.  
(good thing my friend Miranda gave me such an awesome supply of zippers eh?!)

I love that I have these pouches made from gifts from my friends.  I'm sure when I use the pouches I'll think of them and the symposium.

While I made dinner one evening Miranda taught the zipper pouch tutorial, and once the pasta was in the oven I whipped up an adorable pouch myself.  

 Last weekend I did manage to sew a ton of mini things but I also got all of the blocks sewn and pressed for my Queen Honeysweet quilt.  Last night I laid out 7 of the 13 rows and got half of the quilt top assembled.  I am really loving this quilt and I'll take photos when the top is completed.  

 I have so many fun things going on right now in my sewing room.  Best of all the monster and I just wrapped up our 'summer school' and have a full three weeks off before we start first grade.  I can really work now!