Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mystery Block of the Month

My Avalon quilt is DONE!  The long arm lady only took four days to get it quilted, and she bought the baptist fan design for her machine, so I even got it quilted just as I had hoped.  

I loved this quilt project.  Waiting for the blocks to arrive every month was very exciting, and I really enjoyed the mystery.  Finishing the quilt top was a chore, and I see why I hear so often people have years and years of mystery BOMs waiting to be finished.  It just isn't as fun.

I love these fabrics, which are surprisingly hard to find.  Luckily the monthly kits left me with lots of scraps!  I think I could make an entire set of the blocks again, but I won't! I had to really hunt to find backing, and it took awhile to find 5 1/2 yard of it, but finally I scored this pretty red print on Etsy.

Even though I shaved 3 inches from the border width this quilt is still very large.  It fits my full sized guest bed nicely.  
It's great to have it done.

By the way.... this would be my 30th finish for 2014.... just sayin'

Saturday, July 5, 2014

String Break

I needed a little breather from the strings so I've tended to my rainbow swap duties.  I sorted the squares into the 7 groupings and I have them ready for the final color which should arrive this week.  I should get the envelopes ready while I wait.  This is our group's second rainbow swap, and this time I took two unclaimed colors so I will have a double portion of squares.  I loved the pinwheel I made last summer, and I'll have to start seriously considering what I should make with this round.

I've also started sewing my queen quilt blocks.  I cut this quilt out a couple of weeks ago.  This quilt will be a calm pace and I plan to take several weeks to assemble the top.  The backing is in my supply cabinet and once I do get this quilt top done and piece the backing I'm going to give it to a long arm quilter.  I could quilt it, but I don't want to!

I'll get back to string blocks soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Wild Pair

A wild development in my string quilt!  I picked up backing for this giant quilt and it is really colorful.  And 'really colorful' would be an understatement.  The lady at the cutting table wrinkled her nose and said, " What in the world are you going to do with six yards of this?"  I had to laugh.

If she could see the front she would realize it's a very suitable companion for the quilt top that I'm making.  I have three of the eight rows sewn now.  It's a nice relaxing pace.  I grab a few strings, sew, press, trim, stick it to the design wall and BAM walk away.
I like it.


Monday, June 30, 2014

A Birthday Surprise

The craziest thing happened to me today!  
My local quilt friends and I tried to have a morning of sewing, where our boys play outside and we sew inside.(It worked out really well!)  
But there was a birthday gift section of the visit, since my birthday is approaching this weekend.  So Kristen brought two gifts which made me very uncomfortable.  But it turns out I got fun charm packs from her, but in the other bag was a group gift from all of the sewing ladies I virtually keep in touch with and quilt along with.

Everyone made a row of this quilt and sent it to my friend Jamie to assemble, she assembled the top and the backing which is really equivalent to two quilts!  

The backing has letter blocks and 13 signature blocks and a row key!  The messages were so fun to read, and I think it's amazing that I know these women in so many different ways and from different areas of my life.  But this group has somehow come together and they make sewing so fun!

 So if you've kept track of the other group projects and wonder whose is who.....let me refer to my key.....

(from the top)
Row 1 was sewn by Amber
Row 2- was sewn by Miranda
Row 3- was sewn by Melissa 
Row 4- was sewn by Rebecca
Row 5-  was sewn by Julie 
Row 6 was sewn by Erin
Row 7 was sewn by Jamie
Row 8 was sewn by Lisa
Row 9 was sewn by Bri
Row 10 was sewn by April
Row 11 was sewn by Kristen
Row 12 was sewn by Eva
Row 13 was sewn by Erica

I love that the ladies that did the challenge quilt included bits of the scraps in their rows.... and I recognized a little of the fabric from Eva's first quilt where the life changing event took place..... and I didn't know Melissa was still hoarding some of her favorite Bliss and it is very kind that she would give some up for my quilt..... and Rebecca used scraps from her Central Park quilt which was way back from the first ever quilt along.... and Erica included some of the batiks she is known to use in her quilts..... and I could go on and on....

Each row is so thoughtful and I will enjoy this quilt forever!

Saturday, June 28, 2014


I've started something new!  
I wasn't planning to make this quilt so soon but I have been putting it off long enough.  
This scrappy project will probably not even put a dent in my scrap bin.  
I have 6 rows left to make.... If I want to use up ALL of my scraps I need to make 60 more rows.  

Friday, June 27, 2014

She's Ready

I spent several HOURS yesterday adding the last two borders to this quilt.  Borders shouldn't take hours in my opinion. 

Since I'd spent my whole dang afternoon working on it I figured I might as well get the backing and batting ready.  So I did, and it is.  
I'm dropping it off on Tuesday. 
On to something else! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Have Sewn

Despite my BOM procrastination I do have a new sewing development!

My friend Miranda recently took the plunge into zipper pouches and it convinced me I should give it a whirl.

So while I was at Hancock I picked up a flamingo colored zipper.  One afternoon I got started.  Twenty minutes later... 


I made a trip back to Hancock to get a few more zippers!
The next morning I was supposed to meet Miranda for breakfast and I got a message that she was running thirty minutes late.

So obviously I made four more pouches with that extra time!  They are so fun, and I cannot wait to try boxed pouches and other designs.  I didn't think I should go back to Hancock for more zippers until my next quilt allowance rolls around.  

  Then I ran into Miranda and she gave me a little box stuffed FULL of colorful zippers!(The wine is from Kristen, I have super awesome friends)  
I am giddy and excited.  I've also told myself that I am not allowed to make a zipper pouch until my BOM is ready for the long arm lady.   That sure is a good motivation because I cannot wait to go through the rainbow of zippers!

I also made a baby softy...See!  I've been productive!