Monday, January 26, 2015

Row Four

This week I am going to try my best to get these two apple rows sewn.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I have learned in the last twelve months that unexpected trips are stressful, and can really wreak havoc on your life.  For awhile things feel out of whack.  

I am getting better at them though.  Every Wednesday I don this shirt.... every week I notice I am getting better at balancing these things, life's things.  I can balance karate, hockey, teaching children's church, mom meetups, homeschooling, helping Wednesday nights at church, have the laundry done, the toilets cleaned, and have dinner on the table by 6.... AND I still fit in trashy reality TV and quilting time for ME.   

I have been working on a new row along.  It's been going well.

I have the first three rows done.  My scraps are hopefully going to be taking a hit with these projects.  
I am also hoping to get started on the monster's new twin sized quilt. (have I said that before?) We are going on a PLANNED trip in less than two weeks though, so it might have to wait.  I can handle things that are planned.  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Off Center

I finished my first quilt of the new year the other night.  

It isn't large.
It is colorful.

I love it.

Yesterday, Kristen and I braved very scary roads to visit The Bakery Fabrics' big end of year sale.  We were hoping the roads would improve the longer we stayed in the store shopping, and with no children it was leisurely.  We did some damage, and the roads were much better on our return trip back to Rapid.  
The shop's owner is so welcoming and we always stand around the cutting table catching up on fabric happenings.... yesterday she let us look through Moda's 2015 preview books.  It was quite a treat. 

I bought some very fun things. 

I picked up this Cotton & Steel print to make an apron.  I love when a print has a special border on one end.  It is really hard to take apron selfies, so I had the monster model it.  He's pretty adorable.

I hadn't planned on shopping for my snail trail fabric, but this Kona Punch is such a pretty color that I decided it would be perfect.  

When I got home I decided I must get some of my precuts sewn this year.  I pulled a few charm packs and planned out the patterns and did the math.  Now I have a ginormous list of solid and backing yardages, which I will have to pace myself to get through, but I am looking forward to all of it!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Bright New Year

Last week as I dinked around after Christmas, not wanting to work hard..... I started slowly on a new quilt. 
I grabbed these pretty charm packs Kristen gave me for my birthday, dug through my scraps for colorful solids to pair with them, and started sewing. 
I played around with a couple of layouts..... text conferenced a friend for input, then started sewing.  I had a row sewn, but last night decided in those looooong hours between dinner and the ball drop, to try to get this top assembled.  I was watching Labor Day(which was really good), and maybe a little distracted, so it took me a while longer than it should have.
I finished the top at 11:58 last night.... just enough time to pour some champagne and smooch my guys at midnight. 
It's funny that this top looks wider than long, but it's actually square.  The off-center barn raising creates an optical illusion. 
I'm excited to start the new year off with such a bright cheerful quilt! 
 I am waiting for a hunk of yardage to arrive in the mail,  then I will have everything to start on my little guy's new twin quilt. 
That will be next.   
Next week will start two Quilty Fun Row Along quilts, which will be a week by week quilt along with my quilting friends.   
The snapshot BOM will start soon also! 
 I'll be busy. 
Perfect for living on the chilly prairie where we are shut indoors until March I'd reckon.   

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Quilts of 2014

I am really pleased with the change I've made with my WIP habit.  This year I finally got a handle on things, and have kept things in check!  No more lists of wips.  I have one or two TOPS, and it feels great!

That being said I did finish way too many quilts this year.  In 2015 I'll be single parenting for half of the year, so this won't happen again.
Here they are....

april showers wall hanging- gave it away

quilty fun christmas- kept it (but I'm thinking of giving it away because I don't need two december wall hangings...... do you want it?)

lions touchdown-kept it

 baby A quilt- gave it away

baby L quilt- gave it away

a picnic quilt- gave it away

blueberry sampler- gave it away

economy i-spy- gave it away

cuzco disappearing nine patch- gave it away

buttercup dresdens- gave it away

christmas queen- kept it

mystery bom- kept it

 frozen- gave it away

happy go lucky- kept it

happy go lucky wallhanging- kept it

herringbone- gave it away

honeysweet hourglass- gave it away

toddler i-spy- gave it away

juggling summer- kept it

a wedding gift- gave it away

a wedding gift- gave it away

low volume- kept it

honeysweet queen- kept it

postage stamp- gave it away

baby O quilt- gave it away

mod pop-kept it

marmalade- kept it

radiant star- kept it

scrumptious- kept it

baby S quilt- gave it away

space quilt- kept it

star spangled- kept it

spring quickie- gave it away

dresdens- gave it away

swoon- gave it away-

mini lions touchdown-kept it

Not shown here are three group baby quilts which I pieced the tops and finished.  Which brings my quilts for the year to a hefty thirty-nine.  Twenty three of them were gifted though, so at least I didn't hoard them all.  

Next year I have specific goals...ready

* make a cheddar snail trail
*  work on the snapshot BOM
* make my son a new twin quilt
* empty my scrap strips bin

The last goal is the most important.  I have a string quilt started, so I plan to finish that.  Also, I want to make a scrappy pineapple quilt, a scrappy double or triple Irish chain, and possibly a scrappy spiderweb quilt.  
Whatever it takes to bust that bin of scraps.
That might be an impossible mission I have set for 2015.